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How does Shorties Sweets Eats and Treats handle large events? For large events Chef Shortie will hire staff as needed. 

Small and private events do not require additional staff but that can be provided at clients request – small events are intended for a guest count of 8 or less 

Standard events are events with 10 or less guest or people being served. Servers and additional staff can be provided at clients request; if you are seeking to have your guest served plated items this can be accommodated. 

Large events or parties, corporate events and special occasions where the guest count exceeds 25 or more guest additional staff is needed. Chef Shortie can hire a team or the client has the opportunity to provide their own staff, this is to be discussed during event consultation so the group can be properly served. (Set up and delivery fee will be added to the total bill plus the fees for staff) 

  • If Chef Shortie is providing additional staff for your event, the client is responsible for paying each staff member by the hour¬†– rates start @ $20/hr
  • Shorties Sweets Eats and Treats staff can handle events serving up to 150 guest comfortably, if your event exceeds this amount and you would like to use Chef Shorties staff you must book your event more than 30 days before the intended date so arrangements can be made. 
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